The Earth Element is a symbol of grounding, prosperity, abundance, wisdom, as well as connection and unity with the physical whole. Your meditation practice will aid in establishing your physical connection to your body, your breath, and the planet. We spend a lot of our time with our body in one place and our mind in another. Meditation will help ground you in your body, allowing you to enjoy the gift of being in the present moment. Meditating helps you get in touch with your true infinite self, helping to get rid of self limiting thoughts and actions, helping you operate from a place of prosperity and abundance. Also, allowing you to tap into the inner wisdom laying dormant and untouched inside of you. Your practice will also help you to connect with your true self, in turn connecting with Mother Earth as a whole.

The Fire Element is a symbol of courage, invigoration, passion, purification, destruction, and Light. As you meditate and get in touch with your Self, it will set your inner fire ablaze. You will notice greater passion for inner and outer change, and spiritual endeavors. As you go deeper with your practice you tap into the infinite power within you, giving you more energy for your undertakings. The Light of your true Self shines brighter, and begins to burn off negative or unwanted habits or thought patterns that don’t serve you anymore; a purification from the inside out. Your practice, like fire, also has destructive elements, getting rid of or burning off ego attachment to objects and sense born desires. You also burn of fear: fear of failure, fear of death, fear of separation, fear of isolation.

The Air Element is a symbol for the breath, imagination, expansiveness, and communication. The spark to our creativity and imagination lies within, deep inside beyond our mind and thoughts. A meditation practice can help you get intouch with where these parts of you are spawned and flourish. As you connect to yourself you learn about your  true limitless nature, taking your awareness beyond the limitations of your physical body to your true infinite, limitless, and expansive self. When we get in touch with our Self through the practice, we begin to know ourselves on a more intimate level, helping us to be able to speak our truth and communicate more authentically. The breath and the energy in it bring us life, and put more intent behind our thoughts, actions, and desires. Pranayama or yogic breathing exercises allow us to control the breath and the energy in it, helping to slow our thoughts and purify our subtle nerve endings, letting us experience a deeper bliss during our meditation practice.

The Water Element is a symbol for cleansing, healing, adaptability, rebirth, unconditional love, and the ability to flow. Having a meditation practice is cleansing for the mind, body, and soul. As you take your inward journey with the practice you will feel renewed and refreshed, feeling lighter and more pure. Meditation is great for helping you get intouch with internal and subconscious trauma and pain we hold on to, and then empower you to let it go and heal from it. The practice helps enhance your ability to adapt and flow, being able to put thoughts and situations into greater perspective, and not let them control your mood, energy, actions, and mind. Your resilience and ability to respond instead of react are greatly enhanced. You cannot understand unconditional love until you truly learn to love your Self. Meditation teaches you to get in touch with your true self so that you can love it, then that love can ripple out into the rest of your life. Once you go deep into the practice it is like you are being reborn. Your entire perspective changes and you experience the world and yourself in a way that you never have before. 

The Ether Element is a symbol for intuition, universal wisdom, oneness, and the infinite. When you connect to your true Self through meditation, you become more sensitive and in tune with the energy, and thoughts of others around you. You just naturally and effortlessly feel things as they are happening. True universal wisdom and knowledge cannot be learned in a book, but must be experienced and communed with inside of you, this happens during your meditation practice. As you go deeper with your meditation practice, you begin to realize your true infinite nature; omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. You realize you are not limited by your physical body, but use it as a vessel to learn. Being able to unite with your true self, the light that shines within you, is the final goal of meditation. That light that shines within you is the same light that shines inside of everyone and everything in the Universe, that universal spark within you.